Letting knowledge grow

We want to go above and beyond in everything we do. We believe the best way to do that is to always be learning. That is why acquiring new knowledge and skills has always been a top priority at STIHL. After all, it’s the only way we can develop new ideas and innovative products that will enable us to further expand our global leadership.

Our space for learning and development: The STIHL competency model. 

The STIHL competency model forms the basis for our diverse development measures. It serves to promote the talent and potential of all employees.

However, the learning opportunities we offer employees are not just about expanding specialist knowledge and thinking outside the box. We also use them as the basis for cross-departmental collaboration to answer complex questions in a targeted and creative manner, as well as to use resources more efficiently and to identify customer needs more quickly. STIHL offers all its employees a wide range of opportunities here.

Further development at STIHL

Sustainable learning at STIHL.

STIHL offers its employees a wide range of opportunities to help them develop their skills in a targeted manner. We actively support both employees and managers to achieve personal and professional growth. 

Our learning offerings cover a wide range of topics, from technical training to agile project management (scrum) and agile working methods such as Design Thinking. 

At the same time, we are constantly developing our learning offerings with the future in mind – for example in terms of digitalization, electric drive systems or smart technologies and robotics. 

Digital learning 

In order to meet new challenges in the working world even more effectively, STIHL offers a range of digital training courses alongside traditional in-person courses in our training center. Learning need no longer be based only on availability, but can now be accessed “on demand”. Digital trainings and eLearning courses are not intended to replace classroom training courses, but are a useful supplement to them and make further training even more flexible, individual and efficient. 

Working with each other and for each other.

The global success of STIHL is no coincidence. It is built on the high quality standards we set for our products, the commitment of each individual – and a cooperative partnership in which we work with each other and for each other. For this we depend on all our employees – including management. As role models, they provide guidance, support employees in their development and embody an open, respectful approach to communication.

Leadership at STIHL

Leadership @ STIHL

The demands placed on companies worldwide and also on STIHL are changing rapidly. Digitalization, technological change, time- and site-flexible working modes, new workplace concepts and agile methods all require an adapted understanding of leadership. 

Managers are facing challenges on two sides here. On the one hand, they themselves are in the middle of this change. On the other, they are responsible for giving their teams guidance, actively involving them in this journey, accompanying them and supporting them. Doing so requires open-mindedness, clarity, courage – and conscious leadership. In order to provide our managers with the best possible support, the STIHL Employee Development department is continuously expanding the learning opportunities it offers.

Further development at STIHL

Growing within the leadership role

STIHL provides both prospective and proven managers with a whole range of development and qualification options to help them grow in their roles. As well as needs-based content, our management programs include networking events which enable participants to discuss their experiences in person. We also offer opportunities for individual growth through business coaching and mentoring.

Careers at STIHL

Careers at STIHL

There are many benefits that arise from internal training and developing staff to become managers – and it is an approach which has proven its worth. This is demonstrated by more than STIHL being the global technological and market leader in its field. That said, the company holds this top position with a high proportion of managers originally from outside the company, who have brought in their experiences, perspectives and working methods. So all contribute together to help STIHL further build on its leading role.

Shaping the future with STIHL

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