The sum of all parts:
Production sites in seven countries

Die-cast parts, cylinders, bars and a wide variety of saw chains: These are just a few examples of the many components we manufacture in-house. Located across seven countries all over the world, each of our production sites contributes its own special expertise to the international STIHL production network.

A trip around the world...

Questions and answers about our production network

STIHL Executive Board member Martin Schwarz on the advantages of in-house production

In terms of vertical integration, STIHL is far ahead of the competition when it comes to petrol products. What about battery products?

MARTIN SCHWARZ: We produce the majority of our battery products at our STIHL Tyrol plant, and we are also gradually expanding our international production network in this segment – in the USA, at STIHL China and also at our headquarters in Germany, for example. In 2021 we will reach a new technological milestone with our completely new battery packs. The series production processes for these packs are already fully developed. Greater vertical integration in the battery segment is a real advantage for us, as we are still in a niche segment with high current-carrying capacity. Through this and other projects, we are strengthening our profitability, our competitiveness and our internal value creation.

How do customers benefit from these efforts?

MARTIN SCHWARZ: This approach means that the components of our products are coordinated with each other and work in perfect harmony. Our customers receive durable, high-quality and above all high-performance products with an excellent power-to-weight ratio. In addition, we are not dependent on the standards of our suppliers, but instead are able to coordinate the components and manufacturing processes with our requirements for the overall product. Changes and continuous optimizations are driven by us ourselves, which enables us to respond quickly and precisely to the wishes of our customers.



STIHL has its roots in Germany, where the company now operates eight sites. However, STIHL is also represented internationally with its own production facilities across four continents.

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Have you always wanted to know how a STIHL chainsaw is assembled? 

Then why not join us on a trip to our final assembly? From the first screw to the packaging – discover the journey each saw takes to completion with us and how many employees are involved in that journey.

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