Success through invention

STIHL stands for reliability, quality, great innovative strength and customer focus. Through our products and services, we help our customers to do their jobs more effectively.
Selina Stihl
Selina Stihl, Member of the Supervisory Board and Vice Chairperson of the STIHL Advisory Board

When his own experience in the mid-1920s made company founder Andreas Stihl realize that forestry work was mainly done with ax power and sheer muscle strength, he kept thinking about how to make working in the forest easier. That thought gave rise to an idea, which then inspired an invention. Ever since, the STIHL name has stood for outstanding innovations, cutting-edge technology, first-class quality and service. And it is clear that those values are appreciated by users: STIHL has been the world’s top-selling chainsaw brand since 1971.

But STIHL wouldn't be STIHL if the company were to simply rest on its laurels. The vision of our founder Andreas Stihl is both our driving force and guiding principle – to this day. STIHL products make work easier for forestry, agriculture, landscape maintenance, and construction workers worldwide, as well as discerning private users. With its unique expertise and skills, STIHL is able to bring new, advanced, competitive and pioneering products to the market time and time again. 

Always innovative, always powerful

These STIHL power tools are separated by 95 years and more than 40 kilograms – which serves as an impressive example of how STIHL literally lightens the load for people working with and in nature. The first petrol chainsaw, from 1929, was so heavy that it had to be operated by two people. Further iterations of the machine revolutionized working in the forest and in nature. Right up to today’s chainsaws, which impress with significantly reduced weight and “made by STIHL” cutting-edge technology. One example is the STIHL MS 500i petrol chainsaw with electronically controlled fuel injection and catalytic converter; or the STIHL MSA 300, the most powerful battery-powered chainsaw on the market, which is equipped with quiet, emissions-free battery technology.

Innovative strength: Leading with new ideas

How can STIHL power tools become more productive, more comfortable to use, safer and more environmentally friendly?

These questions have been driving us, for decades, to continuously develop “made by STIHL” cutting-edge technology. Our innovative strength shines through in many ways, and not least by means of around 2,800 patents and patent applications. Our milestones illustrate how STIHL innovations make us trailblazers for the entire industry – for more than 95 years so far, and still going strong.

Product innovation milestones

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