STIHL Brazil, São Leopoldo

The first STIHL production site outside Germany started production in Brazil in 1973. The South American site is of critical importance, particularly for cylinder production: 90 percent of all cylinders used within the STIHL Group come from Brazil. Typically STIHL: Local specialists in São Leopoldo are constantly working on enhancing and optimizing this important power tool component.

STIHL Brazil

A great place to work

STIHL Brazil is also valued as an employer: The São Leopoldo site has received several awards recognizing it as a “Great Place to Work”, with the underlying survey results praising personnel management and the work environment in particular.

STIHL Brazil focal areas

Focal areas:

  • Manufacturing products for the South American market and emerging markets
  • Cylinder production
  • Crankshaft production
  • Plastics production
  • Parts production
  • Bar production
  • Die-casting / gravity casting
Charlotte Vogel: Benefiting from international exchange

Benefiting from international exchange

Charlotte Vogel worked at the STIHL site in São Leopoldo, Brazil for four months. She is convinced that international exchange increases our understanding of each other and creates personal cross-border relationships that make many things easier.

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