STIHL Germany:
EIGHT German success stories

STIHL produces components and products for professional applications in Germany. We have a total of eight plants in the country: Three plants in Waiblingen, two in Ludwigsburg and one each in Fellbach, Weinsheim and Tengen. In addition, ANDREAS STIHL AG & Co. KG has its head office in Waiblingen. Plant 2 in Waiblingen is the largest production site in Germany and is home to an in-house battery production facility as well as our state-of-the-art development center, where we are working today on the innovations of tomorrow. Weinsheim is the site of one of the largest and most modern magnesium die-casting plants in Europe. In addition to high-quality magnesium components for our chainsaws and power tools, STIHL also produces magnesium die-cast parts in Weinsheim, for example for cars, e-bikes, computers, mobile phones and sports and household appliances.

Our EIGHT production plants in Germany

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