Work with greater ease and more efficiency thanks to digitization

Can you demand more from a lawn mower than perfect lawn care? We think so. That’s why digitized STIHL power tools, such as the STIHL iMOW robotic mower, can announce their location and in this way better protect themselves against theft. They can report when they need to be serviced, and tool tracking facilitates professional power tool management. With digital solutions for our power tools and digital services, we are taking the STIHL motto “Making it easier for people to work in and with nature” to a new level.

STIHL goes digital

STIHL goes digital

From machine builder to digital mechatronics company – STIHL is in the process of making both products and the company smart; smart in terms of new technologies and their great potential to make people’s work easier. To benefit forestry workers in the forest, as well as the product managers in development and colleagues in production.

STIHL Connected

Under the STIHL connected umbrella, numerous digital development projects are underway which further improve existing STIHL power tools with the help of smart functions. This short film portrays the small interdisciplinary core team that developed the Smart Connector, the first digital product from STIHL (currently only available in German).

Entering the digital world faster with start-ups

Digitization is a topic that requires pioneering spirit and very special expertise. That’s why at STIHL we have founded a company that works closely with the start-up scene. The young, highly motivated team has its finger on the digital pulse, exploring the future opportunities of digitization and making them reality through bold experimentation.

STIHL Digital GmbH, Waiblingen

STIHL Ventures, Waiblingen

A booster of top digital technology: STIHL Ventures GmbH, STIHL’s corporate venture unit in Waiblingen (Germany), aims to turn innovative digital ideas into economically successful products. The company enters into strategic investments and partnerships with start-ups that develop digital solutions for forestry and agriculture, gardening and landscaping, as well as the construction industry and private gardening.

Are you interesting in helping shape digitization at STIHL?

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