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Top “made by STIHL” quality is always close at hand. Over the decades, we have built up a dense sales network all over the globe to ensure that our products are quickly accessible to our customers. STIHL power tools are now available in more than 160 countries across five continents. STIHL production is also an international concern: We manufacture devices and their components worldwide in seven countries and across four continents.

STIHL production network: Quality without limits

Production at STIHL

Whether STIHL manufactures a power tool in America, Asia or Europe, the same high quality standards apply everywhere. STIHL produces the essential components for its power tools in-house within its global production network. This makes us the only manufacturer in the world to develop and produce the engine, bars and a variety of saw chains in-house. The result: A high degree of vertical integration at more than 50 percent. Each of our global production sites has its own focal areas.

STIHL Germany

STIHL Germany: A global player with German roots

Even as a global player, STIHL has remained loyal to its headquarters in Germany. The eight German STIHL sites perform a variety of tasks. In addition to production, these include development as well as central corporate functions such as product management, IT, sales, purchasing, finance, controlling, human resources and legal affairs. The STIHL Competence and Development Center in Waiblingen creates cutting-edge technology that is in demand all over the world.

STIHL worldwide: It’s all in the mix

STIHL sales network:
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