From Swabia to the world

The desire to grow is in the very nature of things. We always want to go one step further in everything we do – because only if we improve ourselves can we also enable others to do so too.
Dr. Nikolas Stihl
Dr. Nikolas Stihl, Chairman of the STIHL Supervisory Board and Advisory Board

At home in the world.

Andreas Stihl was not just a passionate engineer, but also a forward-looking entrepreneur. As early as the 1930s, he pushed forward the export business and tapped into new markets abroad. By establishing an international sales and production network, his children have consistently expanded the internationalization of his company. Founded in 1926, the Stuttgart-based one-man operation has thus become a global player with production sites in 7 countries, a comprehensive sales and marketing network, over 120 partner importers and more than 55,000 dealers in over 160 countries. This international network guarantees that the renowned “made by STIHL” quality is available worldwide and is part of our success story – both now and in the future.

Expansion milestones

At a glance: Affiliated companies

STIHL is a family-owned company that is at home all over the world. Here you can find out which countries have become part of the STIHL family through the establishment of a production or sales company, and when they did so:

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