STIHL is on its way to becoming a digital mechatronics company, so besides battery technology and high-performance electronics it is also dealing with big data, algorithms and cloud computing. As a result, working at STIHL is also becoming more and more innovative: We are doing pioneering work in the areas of battery technology, digital solutions and robotics – always collaboratively, with a strong focus on teamwork, plus a broad vision that extends well beyond the horizon. For each project we bring the right people together, empowering them with a high level of control over their own schedules, plenty of responsibility (for those who want it!) and excellent infrastructure.  

Working across national borders.

STIHL also offers an extensive international network of sales and marketing companies that are in close contact with each other. From international projects to assignments abroad, everyone can find the right way forward for them.

STIHL worldwide

STIHL worldwide

To this day, STIHL remains a family-owned business. Nonetheless, we are also at home worldwide, with 42 STIHL-owned sales and marketing companies, approximately 120 importers and more than 55,000 independent dealers in over 160 countries. What’s more, we also have production sites all over the world – in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as Brazil, China, the Philippines and the USA. In short: Anyone who wants to work abroad will find the ideal conditions to do so at STIHL.

Global work

ONE STIHL. An example of global collaboration in projects.

STIHL is currently working intensively on breaking down, optimizing and harmonizing all of its business processes concerning the SAP ERP landscape, and consolidating them into a single worldwide IT system: That covers 35 distribution companies and seven production companies. To achieve this, around 230 colleagues from eight nations are currently working together as the ONE STIHL team. Most of them are located in Germany, with others all over the world. However, the STIHL spirit is the same across the globe. Origin and language are not the biggest collaboration challenges, but rather the fact that communication, for example, has to take place across different time zones. 

But in spite of the challenges posed by an international project of this size, more than 22 sales companies and the first production company in Switzerland have already switched to the new system environment, with the next go-live, at STIHL Tirol, scheduled for the turn of the year from 2023 to 2024. Over the next few years other sales companies will follow, along with the German headquarters and Brazil as production sites, and then all other STIHL companies on a gradual basis. Once the project is complete, an order in the USA will be created in exactly the same way as it is in Germany, China and Brazil.

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