Smart gardening

The robots are coming! Having already swept the production halls of industrial companies, robots are now increasingly conquering the service and private sectors. The digitally networked iMOW robotic mowing system from STIHL works automatically to tackle lawn care, leaving people free to do other things. Up to now STIHL power tools have focused on making heavy physical work easier for people; STIHL robots go one big step further. The iMOW not only operates autonomously, but can be controlled via the iMOW app even while you’re on holiday. It is also compatible with smart home systems such as Alexa and similar. The success of iMOW proves that smart gardening has a future. And the daily work of our specialists in the disciplines of robotics, artificial intelligence, embedded software and electronics is focused on that future.

New generations in the robot family

New generations in the robot family

Along with the garden and football pitch, many other places are still associated with time-consuming maintenance work that needs to be redone again and again. It makes perfect sense to leave these tasks to a robot instead. So our iMOW lawn care tool is sure to soon be actively supported by new additions to the STIHL robot family: Our development team is already making specific plans for other autonomous and networked power tools and products.

Insights into robotics

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