A quick whistle and he rushes over: Spot the robot dog could be an answer to how the future of forestry and gardening will look. The smart assistant supports the STIHL development team in exploring future scenarios and serves as a source of inspiration for rethinking how people work with and in nature.

Man whistling for Spot

01 | Future vision

STIHL has been active in the robotics sector for more than 10 years. In addition to our iMow robotic lawn mower, the development team also focuses on other applications relating to autonomous and connected systems. This includes Spot the robot dog, which serves as a research object to facilitate further work on megatrends such as automation, artificial intelligence and robotics. 

Man working together with Spot

02 | New paths

The outstanding mechanical, kinematic and sensory capabilities of the robot dog make it possible for new areas of application to be discovered that will become relevant for STIHL customers in the future. One option would be to implement artificial intelligence in an externally mountable add-on module that detects sawdust or leaves and specifically blows them away.