“Promoting joy in the forest”

Since July, the Brand World has been the latest highlight at STIHL in Waiblingen. Few know the plant on the banks of the Rems river as well as Hans Peter Stihl. As the son of company founder Andreas Stihl, he practically grew up on its grounds. He sat down with “Blick ins Werk” to discuss his thoughts on the new exhibition and the role it plays for STIHL.

Technology and nature: Hans Peter Stihl
Technology and nature: For Hans Peter STIHL, this is a decisive combination that needs to be discovered on Level 1 of the STIHL Brand World.

Are you happy about the new look that the building work has given Plant 1?

HANS PETER STIHL: I’m pleased that the full range of information offered does more than just showcase the STIHL company itself. Our main goal with the varied and wide-ranging offerings at the Brand World is to spark visitors’ joy when it comes to forests and wood. By doing so, we also want to give German forests a platform as well.

Which areas do you think are particularly beautiful or successful? Do you already have a favorite spot?

HANS PETER STIHL: I’m very technically minded, so I would expect that my favorite place would be wherever you can see as much technology as possible. So probably level 1. A few years ago, we launched the first chainsaw with electronic fuel injection, the STIHL MS 500i. Learning more about the background to this game-changing innovation is very interesting for technology enthusiasts.

In your view, what does the Brand World mean for both the company and the STIHL brand?

HANS PETER STIHL: The STIHL Brand World gives us an excellent opportunity to bring the way we look at nature and forests to a larger audience. After all, we too are interested in doing as much as possible for healthy forests and their preservation. By taking such a unique approach to making forests and forestry come alive, the Brand World conveys valuable knowledge while also showcasing the role STIHL plays in caring for nature.

Thank you very much for talking to us, Mr. Stihl!