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STIHL honored with highly acclaimed awards for virtual training

STIHL won two prestigious prizes for the “RESCUE SAW MR – Mixed Reality Rescue Saw Simulator” project: The company received both the eLearning Award 2020 in the Mixed Reality category and the Immersive Learning Award 2019 in the Standard Content category for its virtual process and application training with simulation of rescue saw deployment. The prizes were awarded by the eLearning Journal and the Institute for Immersive Learning respectively. The rescue saw simulator is a virtual training platform that enables emergency services in particular – such as fire departments or the Federal Agency for Technical Relief – to learn how to safely and correctly use chainsaws and rescue saws. The emergency services can practice optimal use of the power tools in emergency situations within a safe virtual environment, enabling them to act competently and save lives in an emergency. Marbod Lemke, Head of International Training Services and Product Training at STIHL, underlines: “Our expanded range of training courses for fire departments, the Federal Agency for Technical Relief and other assistance organizations is a trailblazer for the future. By using the chainsaw and rescue saw with instruction in a hazard-free environment, the simulator ensures that the rescue workers are able to fulfill their responsibilities and that their operational readiness is guaranteed. It has the potential to revolutionize basic and further training in this industry worldwide.” STIHL developed the saw simulator in collaboration with imsimity GmbH. It can be purchased by other companies as standard content and integrated into in-house learning processes. The Federal Agency for Technical Relief also provided support in terms of project content.

Mixed Reality rescue saw simulator impresses in many ways

In evaluating the STIHL rescue saw simulator, the eLearning Journal panel was particularly impressed by the associated cost savings, resource conservation and independence from weather conditions for training, as well as its extremely advanced mode of communication. The Institute for Immersive Learning praised the fact that the rescue saw simulator is able to realistically model and integrate “real” hardware into a Virtual Reality learning environment. The STIHL decision to become one of the first companies to launch a Virtual Reality learning experience was also commended.

Virtual learning and training opportunities offer numerous advantages

The saw simulator is a training concept developed by STIHL, and is a core component of the company’s digital training offering. It combines a real chainsaw with a virtual application (Mixed Reality). The simulator enables users to benefit from more experience in the field and at the same time lowers costs through Virtual Reality training delivery. The rescue saw simulator supplements the existing portfolio with another module that is specially tailored to the needs of firefighters and rescue workers. A wide range of scenarios are covered to provide training on situation assessment and how to make the right relief cuts. Emergency services can use the simulator for face-to-face training, as well as simulation and refresher courses. Once users put on the Virtual Reality glasses, they find themselves in the middle of an idyllic forest clearing. There they can choose a specific training format from among 13 different cutting techniques and three different courses. After users put on the virtual protective equipment, the individual cutting techniques are explained step by step. The simulator offers a unique opportunity to perfect dangerous deployments in advance in a safe environment, from dealing with a burning roller shutter or hot window panes on an underground train, to simply felling and pruning a tree. As well as the hazard-free training environment, the virtual simulation is also cheaper than a conventional training day. In addition, the concept consumes fewer resources and is not subject to weather or timing-related restrictions.

eLearning at STIHL

STIHL has long been relying on digital training and offers its customers digital products and services that create tangible added value. More than 36,000 active users in some 150 countries use the STIHL eLearning platform for training and learning purposes. The portfolio includes repair instructions, video tutorials, product training and news on the latest innovations, as well as a great deal of information and instructions for anyone interested in wood as a raw material. The eLearning platform is available at www.stihl-training.com

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