Waiblingen, 10/16/2019 | Company press release

STIHL chain plant constructs new entrance building including employee canteen

The STIHL chain plant in Wil, Switzerland, is adding a new entrance building with company canteen to its site. On October 16, 2019, the start of construction activities was marked by a groundbreaking ceremony. The investment volume amounted to around 15 million Swiss francs. Dr. Nikolas Stihl, Chairman of the STIHL Advisory Board and Supervisory Board, emphasized at the ceremony: “The chain plant is of immense strategic importance for STIHL. In view of our leading global position in the saw chain market and our technological leadership in the area of chainsaws and power tools, I am firmly convinced that our success story will continue here in Switzerland.” Joachim Zappe, Managing Director of the STIHL chain plant, said: “This entrance building and in-house canteen will make the Swiss production location in Wil and Bronschhofen stronger and even more appealing.” The STIHL chain plant currently employs around 950 people, making it the biggest industrial operation in the city.

Commitment to the Swiss location

“By constructing the new building, the company is once again affirming its faith in the Wil and Bronschhofen location, which we are very pleased to see. STIHL and Wil: There’s history there. The company has been located here for more than 45 years, creating and maintaining jobs and constantly investing in the future,” said mayor Susanne Hartmann, praising STIHL. Member of the Governing Council Stefan Kölliker added: “STIHL is an excellent training company that offers young people many training and further education opportunities. I am delighted that STIHL is giving local young people great educational opportunities by providing nine apprenticeship-based career paths.” The three-story entrance building which is being constructed at Hubstraße 100 in Wil will have a gross floor area of around 2,700 square meters. The canteen spaces will be located on the ground floor and first floor. This will provide plenty of space for catering to STIHL employees and STIHL dealers, 2,000 of whom come from all over the world to visit the chain plant each year. The building also contains a reception area, a training room for dealers and visitor groups, meeting rooms, offices and a room for the reception and drop-off of young children at the childcare facility at shift changeover time. The access road to the plant’s site is also being redesigned. The entrance building is scheduled for completion in mid-2021.

Energy-efficient new building

In recent years, the STIHL chain plant has implemented an array of environmental protection measures and increased energy efficiency. These include heat recovery from compressors, the use of geothermal energy and improved heat insulation. These optimizations will also have positive effects on the new entrance building. The new building will be connected to the production building’s heating network, which makes it possible to use waste heat from the production systems as a source of energy – and means there is no need for an additional boiler. “This enables us to operate the new building in a highly energy-efficient manner,” said Joachim Zappe.

STIHL saw chain production as a success factor

The STIHL chain plant has been part of the STIHL global manufacturing network for 45 years. The saw chains are exported to 160 countries around the world. Steadily growing demand has led to the constant expansion of the Swiss location in recent years. In 2008, a second chain plant was built in Bronschhofen, which has since been expanded by 10,000 square meters. A new logistics building was built in 2013 and employees have had their own parking lot since the beginning of 2018. The STIHL chain plant was founded in 1945, and initially employed six workers. Now, around 950 employees work in the STIHL chain plants in Wil and Bronschhofen. STIHL is currently the only chainsaw manufacturer in the world which, as well as engine units and guide bars, develops and produces a wide range of saw chains in-house.

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